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Nutrition App Review|Waterlogged

Last updated on 2022-01-21T20:33:54 by Olayemi Michael



Staying hydrated is very important to maintain good health. Water is a zero calories nutrient essential for optimum metabolic activities. Waterlogged is an app that can help us to stay hydrated and achieve our daily water intake as recommended by our registered dietitian/nutritionist or doctor.

Waterlogged helps us to set our water intake goal and also helps us to achieve the goal.

It is available on App Store and Google Play Store.


It includes the following features

  • A water bottle for visual representation of your intake progress.
  • A graph to track your daily intake
  • An alarm to alert you on the next intake
  • The history of your intake
  • The metrics includes oz and ml
  • We can upload our own cup 
  • We can integrate it with Fitbit, google fit and my fitness Pal.


It also have a premium version and you can give it a try if you like the free version.



Achieving our water intake could be daunting due to our work schedules but this great app can easily help us to achieve it by reminding us when to take water.